Neon X Theme for any Xiaomi Devices

 Hello Xiaomi Fans,

Xiaomi Devices comes with the UI which can be Customized using some Themes which are available on their Theme Store. There are lot of Developers Support for the amazing Themes on the Theme Store. So we have a good pick of a Theme which will give you your device a descent Look. 

Neon X theme comes with lots of Customizations which will give your device pure Minimal Look. Icons used in this theme gives your device awesome look and feel which will amaze your. Settings also has a great Customizations which will provide your device a descent look. 

How to Download? 

There are two links available to Download this theme.

1. Follow this Link and it will redirect you to The Theme Store 

2. If you are Custom UI user or EU user then you can Download the MTZ File and Apply in your Device 

❗ Download from Store 

❗ Download MTZ

Theme Size - 10.1 MB

Theme Designer - Ritik Sharma

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