Redmi Note 11 Android 12 New Update Released!

Today Redmi Note 11 received New Android 12 Update in global region. As you know it has received 2 Android 12 updates before but due to bugs one is suspended and one is not rolled out for MIUI users. And after MIUI Android 12 Update, new MIUI Android 11 based rolling out but today finally MIUI Android 12 Update rolled out.

This is major Android upgrade so update size will be 2.7gb. This is a 2nd stable Android 12 update for Redmi Note 11 users. For now only in global region new Android 12 update started rolling out.

Update size is 761mb from MIUI 13.0.4 Android 12. But if you are on Android 11 update so for you update size will be 2.7gb. Update has latest October patch also which is really awesome for users. And in india also it is going to receive in November month. When it will receive, article will be posted so be active in our site and keep sharing out site. 

Thanks for your support.

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