Redmi Note 12 Series will be Flashgip Devices & Redmi Note 12 Series Global + India launch Confirmed!

We know that Xiaomi will release New Redmi Note Series every year. So time to release Redmi Note 12 Series. Redmi Note 12 Series are going to launch on 27th October 2022 with high specifications and more changes. This time Redmi Note 12 Series will be a different Note Series in China with Flashgip Features. 

Redmi Note 12 Series looks like Redmi Note 11T Pro / Redmi K50i. All Redmi Note 12 Series have the same look, there is no difference in any model. There are many models of Redmi Note 12 Series which are going to launch in China.  
                                          1. Redmi Note 12
                                          2. Redmi Note 12 Pro
                                          3. Redmi Note 12 Pro+
                                          4. Redmi Note 12 Trend Edition
                                          5. Redmi Note 12 Exploration Edition

Redmi Note 12 Series all models have the same look, there is no minor difference too. And Redmi Note 12 is also a 5G Model with flashgip specifications so there will be no chance to launch in Globally and Indian markets as a Redmi Note 12. 

Redmi Note 12 Trend & Exploration edition will be a gaming model and gaming will be smooth in comparison to Redmi Note 11 Series. 


Redmi Note 12 Pro+ also has a racing edition, and it will 100% launch Globally & Indian Markets as a Xiaomi Series. 

Redmi Note 12 Series Coming Soon in Global and Indian Markets.  

Redmi Note 12 Global Variant visits the IMEI Database. The model number will be 22101316G of Redmi Note 12 Global. 

Redmi Note 12 Series India launch is imminent. They have spotted the Vanilla Redmi Note 12 on the Indian BIS certification website. Interestingly, it has been listed under the Xiaomi branding. 

Redmi Note 12 Series will launch in Global & India in Quarter 1 of 2023. So guys these are the info on Redmi Note 12 Series. If you have still any doubts so you can ask in comments.

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