MIUI 14 About Phone Pages Leaked from Settings! [Updated on 27th November 2022]

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In this article, I am going to show you the MIUI 14 About Phone Screenshots. There are total 4 Screenshots leaked but only 1 is real and all others are fake. So let's see which UI is going to get and which devices will receive new UI of About Phone. 

There are total 4 new layouts leaked of MIUI 14 About Phone. I am going to show you all new UI. So let's start and check which UI can come in MIUI 14. 

There are total 4 About Phone Section Leaked from MIUI 14, so lets see which UI looks cool and awesome and which can come in MIUI 14. 


It was leaked before MIUI 14 logo, you can see this MIUI 14 logo is not correct in this. In this New UI you will see MIUI Version, Android Version and Device Name and more.. This one is probably fake because MIUI Version is 14.45.14 written and it is 100% fake. So 1st leak is false, this new will not come in MIUI 14 Updates. 


It is leaked after MIUI 14 Logo, and this one maybe true because this UI match from the previous, only Card Layout is new in this. But MIUI 14 logo is fake in this so 99% it will also not come in MIUI 14 Updates. But all are represented with Card Layout so there is a small chances of this to arrive in MIUI 14.


It is also leaked after MIUI 14 Logo. This shows us Official MIUI 14 Logo with Card Layout and a brand new design which looks very cool and amazing. In this leaked screenshot, we will see all same as MIUI 13 but only MIUI 14 Logo New Design is new so According to me, it will arrive in MIUI 14 100% Officially. Tell us your opinion about this one in comments section. 


This is the last one, which leaked in last. It has also official MIUI 14 Logo but still there is one mistake in this leaked screenshot. Written MIUI Version is in this pic, and in China ROM's only MIUI 13.0.3 written and in this pic, MIUI 14.0.3 should be written but it is not, so this one is also fake. It will also not come in MIUI 14.

2nd and 3rd leaks maybe true and 3rd one is 100% real according to me, it can come in MIUI 14 sure. So be ready because MIUI 14 is going to launch in China on 1st December 2022 and I have already written a detail article about it, you can check out it also. And tell us in comments, which section you like most..

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