MIUI 14 - The Razor Project: Official New Information Revealed!

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MIUI 14 is going to launch in China on 1st December. It will launch with Xiaomi 13 Series which is a new Xiaomi Series with many new changes as comparison to MIUI 13. MIUI 14 will be very smooth UI, as per leaks. Many Beta Testers have used MIUI 14 and according to them MIUI 14 Upgrade is very awesome and there are lot of changes too. So, today I am going to show you some official information about MIUI 14 Upgrade.

Xiaomi 13 Series and MIUI 14 both will be very awesome and they are going to launch on 1st December, only 2 days are left now. So let's see some features and changes in MIUI 14. 


MIUI 14 Release Date official poster has released today. In that poster, release date is mentioned and it means MIUI 14 going to launch on 1st December 2022. So its confirmed now that on 1st December MIUI 14 is going to announce in China.


MIUI 14 will be a Razor Project where you will see many optimizations. Like, System will be more optimized, more apps can be uninstalled and many more. 

System More Optimized: System firmware size reduced for 23% compared to MIUI 13. MIUI 14 System will be more light now as comparison to MIUI 13. MIUI 14 is very optimized as comparison to MIUI 13. You can use more apps now in recent and while switching apps, no apps maybe reset. It will be a good news for MIUI 14 Users. 

Memory Management: Now memory management more aggressive for use it proper. From MIUI 13, they are focusing on Memory management and it will be increased more in MIUI 14. It will be better in MIUI 14 too which is a good news. 

Uninstallable Apps: Now you can remove all apps except core apps like Phone, Message. Uninstallable Apps was launched in MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Now in MIUI 14, we can uninstall more apps like Clock, Mi Remote, Mi Store, Downloads, Mi Music, Games, Weather and much more.

Hopefully it will come in Global / India ROM too, because many users want this feature. So, we have to wait for MIUI 14 Upgrade in Global and India Region. 


Xiaomi 13 Series have a New Generation of Silicon Oxide Anode Batteries. Xiaomi 13 will have good battery life which is awesome and its pro model will also have best battery. 

Lei Jun announced: Mi 13 has something new about its Battery Technology this time. If Xiaomi 13 will have this so maybe its Pro Model will also have this Battery Technology. 

Battery life of Xiaomi 13 Series may exceed 2 days because its DOU is greater than 1.2, Lei Jun announced that R&D Team to figure out how to break through 2 Days of Battery Life! It means Battery Life will be much better than Xiaomi 12 Series.

You can see in above pic that DOU of Xiaomi 13 is 1.37 and iPhone 14 Pro Max has 1.28. Xiaomi 13 has greater DOU than iPhone 14 Pro Max


Xiaomi 13 Series GPU Performance is also revealed before launch. Xiaomi 13 Series uses Adreno GPU. 

GPU Performance is king and the performance of the new Adreno GPU has skyrocketed by 42%, even 25% stronger than A16. 

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