MIUI 14: Release Date with Exciting Features like No More Ads & more!

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Finally MIUI 14 is ready for launch! MIUI 14 will be a major MIUI Upgrade with so much changes. It is going to announce very soon and you will get all latest info regarding MIUI 14 in this article. So keep updated in our site and share our site to be updated other users :)

So be ready to see the MIUI 14 release date and it's exciting features. MIUI 14 will be totally different from other MIUI Versions, its almost confirmed because it has very good optimizations and other changes. 


MIUI 14 is going to launch on 19th November 2022 in China. Its almost confirmed news and some news are already released related to MIUI 14 and those news are really great and very helpful too. Previous leak was that MIUI 14 will launch on 14th November but now date has changed to 19th November 2022. MIUI 14 is the successful and real iteration of MIUI 12. 


MIUI 14 Features are also leaked and I have already written an article about some of them. You can check our site for that. Some exciting optimizations is done by Developers in MIUI 14 like 

1. No ads
2. No pre installation
3. No push

In MIUI 12 / 13 you will get some apps with updates like Funmax, but in MIUI 14 no more extra apps will be given and no more pre installed apps which is really good news for us. 

Most of the users hate ads which come at any time but finally in MIUI 14 there will be no ads and this will be included in China and Global region both. There will be no extra apps too, so what does it mean? Let's discuss: According to me, it means now some MIUI apps will be removed. Like Security App will be removed from home screen because it is already shifted in Settings app in MIUI 13. And maybe some more apps will be removed too, because they launched New Widget system in MIUI 13 and we can directly use those apps using widgets so that's why there is no need to open those apps from applications. This is also a good choice and by this our system will become more clean. There will be no push too: this means we can't install some apps by pushing because some users install the unsafe applications through forcefully and due to this system becomes unsafe and unstable. So they will give us no push also in MIUI 14 which is really incredible. 

In Addition: The System UI fluency and stability have been optimized and upgraded very high. Relevant media said that the MIUI14 Operating System has changed and improved a lot, which is quite exciting and amazing. 

MIUI 14 will update some apps too like weather, calculator, calendar, clock and more. Users can operate directly on the desktop, reducing secondary operation steps. And I have said you that according to me, it means there will be very less apps now, we can access through widgets. 

MIUI 14 will give us Card Layout in MIUI Applications and it will be available in many apps like Calculator, Recorder, Settings and many more. For now in some apps it is released too as you can see above. 

It is reported that MIUI 14 usage in a major upgrade in terms of functions, such as large folders and card modes that can facilitate user operation and desktop beautification. Large Folders are also coming in MIUI 14. Card Modes are already explained above with some pictures. 

According to media reports, the MIUI14 operating system will be released on 19th November 2022 together with the new Xiaomi 13 series, and the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro will be the first models equipped with the MIUI14 system. These 2 models will release with MIUI 14 Android 13 interface. 

So for now these are the latest info regarding MIUI 14 Features and many more.

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