MIUI 14 Updates is released for 2 Models!

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MIUI 14 is not launched in a single region, but here MIUI 14 Updates are started rolling out for some models, which is a shocking news and amazing too. Before launch, Xiaomi started releasing MIUI 14 Updates with Android 13 here. MIUI 14 comes with so much optimizations and improvements which is a good news for us. So, in this article I am going to show that, which devices have received MIUI 14 Android 13 Updates. 

Before launch, Xiaomi is rolling out MIUI 14 Updates for some devices which is the best news ever. Some hidden news is also available related to MIUI 14 and I am going to tell you about all released updates and information about more leaks. 


Xiaomi 12S Ultra & Xiaomi 11 have received MIUI 14 Updates in China region based on Android 13 before launch. Actually, MIUI 14 was launching on November Month but still it is not launched. But, MIUI 14 Updates are started rolling out for China region. MIUI & MIUI are rolling out for Xiaomi 11 & Xiaomi 12S Ultra. 

Xiaomi 11 received MIUI Update in 5.3gb size & Xiaomi 12S Ultra received MIUI Update in 5.6gb size. Size of Updates is above 5gb which shows that, there are many changes in MIUI 14 Android 13 Updates. These updates are rolling out only for very less users.


In MIUI & MIUI Updates, Changelog showing 'Others' because it is a special version update. Its neither a beta update nor a stable update. Now I am going to show you the Changelog of the update in English, in above pic you will see changelog but in Chinese not in English.

Changelog in English: 

Optimized system performance
Improved system security and stability

This update is an Android cross-version upgrade. In order to reduce the risk of the upgrade, it is recommended to back up personal data in advance. The startup and loading time of this update is relatively long, and there may be performance and power consumption problems such as slight heat and micro-card within a short time after startup, please wait patiently. Some third-party applications will affect normal use because they have not been version-adapted. Please upgrade carefully.


MIUI 14 Updates are released for Xiaomi 11 & Xiaomi 12S Ultra, maybe some users have updated but nobody send About Phone section page from MIUI 14. Only 1 page is leaked of about phone section, I am going to show you that's leaked page below. 

MIUI 14 About Phone page looks like this, it is totally different from previous one, and card layout is also added in Settings app. Comment now, that you like this page or not. 


For now, I have shown the Changelog of MIUI 14 Special Version Update. It shows others and one warning, you can read above. Now, I am going to tell you when MIUI 14 real changelog will appear. First we have to wait for MIUI 14 launch and Xiaomi 13 Series launch. Xiaomi 13 Series have MIUI 14 out of the box so maybe we can see the changelog by going to Updater then What's New. For now, we have to wait to see real changelog of MIUI 14. 


I have already made a list of MIUI 14 Updates which are released in Internally. There are more than 30 Devices which got MIUI 14 Updates based on Android 13 Internally. You can check out that article, you will get full info at first. MIUI 14 Android 13 testing starts for more than 30 Devices and today 2 Devices have received Updates, so maybe MIUI 14 going to launch very soon. 

MIUI 14 will launch very soon, whenever it will launch you will get a detailed post regarding that in our website. 

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