One More Special MIUI Version Released Before MIUI 14!

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In this article, I am going to show you one more version of MIUI 13. We know that after MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi had released MIUI 13 upgrade. And then Xiaomi Pad 5 Series & Redmi Pad had received MIUI 13.1 with Android 12, and this version released only for Pad Devices. This version is available in China Beta rom in Developer Preview but not in stable. And today Xiaomi has released one more stable version like MIUI 13.1, and in this article I am going to show you all information of this. 

Actually MIUI 13.1 is not a MIUI Upgrade, its just a MIUI 13 with some optimizations as we are getting in Xiaomi Pad 5 Series and Redmi Pad. MIUI 13.1 arrived in Pad Devices with Android 12 not Android 13. Pad Devices out of box MIUI 13 with Android 11 and it got MIUI 13.1 with Android 12 upgrade in stable which is very awesome. And generally, MIUI 13.1 is available in Redmi Note 9/10/11 Series, Xiaomi 11/12 Series too in MIUI Beta Developer Update. For these Devices it is not available in stable. Now let's see what is next MIUI special version. 

Our next MIUI special version is MIUI 13.2, and it arrived in Xiaomi 12 Pro in China today and I have already written a full article about it, you can go and check it out. Xiaomi 12 Pro has received MIUI 13.2 Update today in China. MIUI 13.2 interface comes with Android 13 not Android 12. For now, it is available only in Xiaomi 12 Pro and in Xiaomi 12 it will arrive very soon, so stay tuned in our site for further info. 

MIUI 13.1 arrived with Android 12 only for Xiaomi Pad 5 Series & Redmi Pad.
MIUI 13.2 arrived with Android 13 only for Xiaomi 12 Series. 

You can see in pic, that it is a Android 13 Update with MIUI 13.2 and it is very awesome because Android 13 in stable finally released. More devices will get MIUI 13 Android 13 based soon like Xiaomi 12 and other devices will get Android 13 with MIUI 14. So further info stay tuned in our site.

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