Realme 10 Series Launched Globally with many Products!

You guys know that Realme was going to launch Realme 10 Series with Curved Display, so your wait is over, Realme 10 is launched in Global with many products. In this article, you will get all info regarding this.

Realme 10 Series comes with Curved Display and great specifications with fast charging support. But today Realme Products also launched with Realme 10, here I am going to show you all products info and details with pricing.

Realme 10 is launched Globally in 3 Variants. It's pricing details are out. Realme 10 is available in 4+64GB, 4+128GB & 6+128GB. You will see faster perfomance in this model as Comparision to previous version. 

4+64GB = $229 = ₹17,900
6+64GB = $249 = ₹20,399
6+128GB = $269 = ₹21,900
8+128GB = $279 = ₹22,700
8+256GB = $299 = ₹24,300

Tell me in comments, that you like the pricing of Realme 10 or not. According to me pricing is really good and you should buy Realme 10. And for now Realme 10 is launched Globally, but Realme 10 Pro is not launched. So kindly wait for Realme 10 Pro to launch.

Realme Hair Dryer alos launched Globally. Named: realme TechLife Hair Dryer. It comes with Tampil Makin Kece with 1499W Fast & Efficiency Drying and 20 Million/cm³ Negative lons. It's pricing is Rp299.000 but sale price is Rp 199.000

If you want to buy it, so you can buy, it's also a good product. 

Realme Robot vacuum also launched Globally. Named: realme TechLife Robot Vacuum. It comes with Vacuum - Mop with Intelligent LiDAR. 2 in 1 Sweeping & Mopping Function. LiDAR Smart Mopping & Navigation System. Customizable Home Cleaning Plan. Google Assistant is also available in this Robot vacuum mop & Alexa support too which is very cool. 

It's pricing is Rp 2.999.000. 

So these products are launched Globally of Realme, and according to me you should buy Realme 10, if you are waiting for a new phone. 

If you guys have any doubts so go and ask in comments. 
Thanks for reading the article.

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