Redmi Note 11 Android 12 India New Update Released!

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Today Redmi Note 11 received a new Update in India Region of Android 12. Redmi Note 11 Users were eagerly waiting for an Android 12 Update, so wait is over for all users now. Android 12 update was rolled out before also but that update was received by MIUI users only and MIUI had not received due to some issues, and now users are using MIUI India Update in Redmi Note 11. But today Android 12 new update is rolled out so in this article I am going to tell you that this update will come to all users or not. 


Redmi Note 11 MIUI new India Update rolling out for Mi Pilot Users for now. Check your updater and start the download if you have received it. 

Update size is 621mb from MIUI This update is rolling out for MIUI for now but this update will rollout for MIUI users too in upcoming days which is good news. This update comes with latest security patch also which is November 2022. 


MIUI comes with November 2022 Security Patch and bug fixes of MIUI which is very good news. In this update, automatic reboot also got fixed maybe, so you can check this after updated. This update is a major Android Upgrade for, so when you will receive it, don't forget to factory reset once. Update comes with more features and improvements like New Control Center, New Widgets in App Vault and Home Screen which is really great for Redmi Note 11 Users. 

New Widgets looks like this, as I think, MIUI 13 is famous due to its new Control Center and its Widgets ecosystem. Comment now, do you like New Control Center & Widgets or not?


Redmi Note 11 received MIUI new Update today for Mi Pilot testers. If there will be no major bugs found in this update, so it will rollout for Public Users within a week. In this month you are going to receive Android 12 Update in Redmi Note 11 India Variant too. But I want to tell you if you will not receive it after public release also, so don't worry you will receive it after full rollout. Because in Global region MIUI users have received Android 12 after full rollout, so it maybe same for India also. So keep waiting, you will receive MIUI update sure with bug fixes and many improvements and features. 

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