Twitter is Removing "From Which Device User has Tweeted" Option No More "Twitter For Android, iPhone"

As you all know that Twitter is Bought by Elon Musk with $44 billion and Now Elon Musk is Owner & CEO of Twitter. 

Recently Elon Made a Lot of New Changes in Twitter like You have to Pay $8 for Twitter Blue Subscription, Official Verified Tag For Verified People and There are many more small Changes. 

Now Elon has Replied a User that They are removing "From which Device User has tweeted" which was present below the tweet like "Twitter For Android" "Twitter For iPhone" "Twitter For Windows" Etc.

Elon has Done a lot of Good Changes in Twitter but They are also removing Some of the Unique and Exciting Features from Twitter Which Seperate Twitter from other Social Media Platforms. 
Now let's see and what more will change from Twitter in Future..

Let me Know Your Thoughts in Comments Section;) 

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