Xiaomi is going to release Dimensity 9200 Processor Model!

Mediatek is going to release Dimensity 9200 with high performance. In this year, it will launch and its a 100% correct news. I have already written an article about it, that what are features, release date, comparison to previous one and many more. You can check out that article too. Many companies have announced also that they will launch their new smartphones with Dimensity 9200. Now Xiaomi has announced it officially and I am going to show you all info related to this. 

Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme will launch Dimensity 9200 in future as we know. But Xiaomi has announced that they have released their new flashgip model with Dimensity 9200. 

Xiaomi statement: Congratulations to the grand release of the Dimensity 9200 Flashgip core. #F 9200 Flagship core at full speed! The new Dimension 9200 combines extraordinary and comes with a lot of improvements. It comes with performance and extreme power consumption, and will bring consumers a new flagship experience. Let's explore the "sea of stars" in the smartphone. It means Xiaomi is ready to launch a new Flashgip model with Dimensity 9200 Processor. 

In next year it will launch so for all info stay tuned in our website. If any doubts so go and ask in comments.
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