Install MacOS Dock, Menu Bar & Taskbar in your Windows 10 / 11 now!

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Today I am going to show you that, how can you enable MacOS looks in your Windows. Most of the people uses laptop because it is available in cheap, anybody can buy this. But MacOS price is very high and mostly can't afford the MacOS. Users want to use MacOS in Windows like they are using iOS in Android. So, let's start and check how can you use MacOS look in Windows. 

Mostly users are fan of Dock, MIUI users are also using Dock in their smartphones and its working perfectly. Now, I am going to show you how can you use MacOS Dock and Menu Bar in your Windows. 


Steps are so easy, so don't fear to use and your PC will be 100% safe and secure after installing Dock and Menu Bar. Your PC will not brick and anything else. So let's start and check out, how can you install Dock and Menu Bar in your Windows. 

Step 1: Simply Download this file in your PC, link is given so go and download it.

Step 2: Simply Extract this zip file in your PC. 

Step 3: You will see, My Dock Folder in the extracted folder. Double tap on My Dock Folder to open that. 

Step 4: You will see many files in the extracted folder, but you have to use only 1 file to install both Dock and Menu Bar. 

Step 5: Simply double tap on 'Dock' file to install MacOS Dock and Menu Bar in your device. After installed, you will get Dock and Menu Bar in your Windows. 


Now let's see, how to customize them like a pro. There are many settings for customizing the Dock. So let's check the settings of customizations. 

1) Simply right click on empty space and click on hide taskbar to hide Windows taskbar and for show, click on show taskbar

2) Then click on preferences to customize it like a pro, you can customize it same as a MacOS. 

3) There are many settings in this, you can customize according to your benefit, so go and try all features. You can change animations speed, display settings, network and many other settings to customize it. 

After customized, you will see that your PC look is completely changed which is really awesome and amazing.


MacOS Taskbar is also available in this, you can use Taskbar also without any problems. Now, let's see where is Taskbar and how can we use it and customize it. 

Step 1: You will see Taskbar icon in Dock, I have shown you its icon below. 

Taskbar Icon looks like this, when you tap then maybe it will not respond, so simply right click it to customize. 

Step 2: Right click on Taskbar icon to customize it. You will see two options: Set this icon and Add icon. 

Step 3: When you click on Set this icon, so you can change Taskbar icon. You can set any pic in Taskbar by Set this icon. 

If you want to restore the icon, so simply click on restore icon to restore. It is very easy to change icon and restore it. 

Step 4: Now click on Add Icon to add files and apps in Taskbar.. 

Simply drag apps in this to add apps in Taskbar, you can drag any app and any folder in this to enable them in Taskbar.

Step 5: Now click on Taskbar Icon from Dock to open Taskbar. 

Taskbar looks like this which is totally similar to MacOS. And we are using this in Windows which is really awesome. You can scroll left or right to open pages, they will open if there are apps in diff page too. 


Now install the perfect MacOS Wallpaper to give look of MacOS to your Windows. I am sharing one wallpaper and after applied this, your PC will give look same as MacOS. 

Simply apply this wallpaper and convert your Windows look to MacOS look now. 

If you have any issues related to this, so go and ask in comment section.

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