MIUI 14 New Widgets First Look is here!

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If you are using MIUI 14, so you know that MIUI 14 introduced a lot of widgets in China ROM. Widgets ecosystem was introduced in MIUI 13 and now in MIUI 14 also new widgets arrived with a brand new look. Some widgets looks are totally changed and some of them are new. In this article, I am going to show you full info related to new widgets. 

There are lot of widgets in MIUI 14 upgrade and in stable also MIUI 14 started rolling out which is a good news. Now let's see which widgets we have got in Stable ROM. 

MIUI 14 App Vault look is same as of MIUI 13, there will be small changes in Widgets ecosystem. 


MIUI 13 = A lot of widgets and MIUI 14 = Super Icons + Large Folders + New Memory Extension + New Widgets and other small changes. 

1) Personalization: This includes 4 type of widgets in this.. Meow Meow Widget is popular from them. 

Cat and Dog widgets look cool and when you put them in home screen then after tap on them, these will move for a small time. It looks so cool.. 

2) Hit Worker (New Weather Widgets): MIUI 13 introduced weather widgets in MIUI 13 too in China and Global both which is a good news for us. This time also, they introduced new weather widgets but according to me these will be limited to China. 

3) Space Rescue (Clock): New clock widgets are also introduced in MIUI 14 upgrade and these widgets are called as Space Rescue. Their style is awesome and amazing. 

4) Abstract Composition & Day by Day (Clock): There is a new clock widget in Abstract Composition also, which looks cool and attractive. 

5) Colorful Future, If everything goes well, Go Go Explore & Fire in the dark (Sign): MIUI 14 introduced new sign widgets too, by this you can use your name in a widget and I am sure, nobody knows about this, only MIUI users know this (almost 30%). 

6) Glory of Kings National E-Sports, Day by Day & Pure (Weather): MIUI 14 introduced one more type of weather widget, and this looks more amazing as comparison to previous ones. 

These are the new widgets, we have got in new MIUI Upgrade which is MIUI 14. These widgets are only for MIUI 14. So don't ask in comments that how to use them in Global ROM. If you are rooted user, so you can use them, but without root it is impossible to use them. 

If you have any doubts related to this, so you can ask in comments section.

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