MIUI 14 System App Updates - New Super Icons, Widgets, Wallpapers and Many More!


MIUI 14 has been launched 2 days ago in China and after many devices got stable or BETA updates which include many new System Apps Update of MIUI 14 Like System Launcher, App Vault, Themes & Updater and these are the major Top 5 App Updates which i am going to discussed today So, let's start and BTW You can download all these App Update From Our Telegram Channel Link Given Below...

1. Security 

So, the First App Update is of Security app which only include privacy and security improvements but also include a major change in fingerprint adding animation you can check the screenshots below 

2. App Vault

2nd App Update is of App Vault which include New Widgets and the major MIUI 14 Change Pill Shaped widgets along with that Pets & Plants You can check the screenshots below 

3. Themes [Major Update]

Themes got a major update in MIUI 14 Where you can Edit Icons, change folder layout & Add Super icons for more check the video below
New Folder Layout 

New Icons Management

New Super Icons

4. System Launcher 

System Launcher is also got a major update where the icons and super icons can only be applied if your system launcher is updated.. 
also a new fresh look and speed of Apps opening & closing animations has been increased... 

5. Updater 

So, Updater got a Nomal Update where only MIUI 13 Icon has been Changed to MIUI 14 Icon
and that's all 

Now To Download All The System Apps Update you need to visit the link given below 

1. Security 

2. App Vault 

3. Themes 

4. System Launcher 

5. Updater 

Note - These App Update Only Working in MIUI 14 & Android 13 

If you have any questions regarding the MIUI 14 Apps Update then Feel Free to comment below. 
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