MIUI introduced New Memory Extension for all Xiaomi Devices!

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MIUI had announced memory extension in MIUI 12.5 Enhanced and its a major change in that MIUI. Previous, according to your storage you would provide a 1 Memory Extension. For example: If you have 6gb and 64gb variant so you will get only 1gb but if you have 128gb variant so you will get of 2gb memory extension. But still you have only one Memory Extension. But MIUI introduced a new Memory Extension in MIUI 13.2 based on Android 13. So let's check how it work and when all users will get that. 

Memory Extension become famous in 2021 and mostly all users are using Memory Extension in their devices. Now let's see new Memory Extension in MIUI 13.2 Android 13 based. 

Note: MIUI 13.2 is a MIUI 13, it is not an upgrade and not a update, its just a MIUI 13 based on Android 13. For now, only premium devices have received it in Global, EEA and China regions. In future, more devices will get MIUI 13.2 Android 13 upgrades. 


MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Memory Extension looks like normal, just you have to open Settings < Additional Settings < Memory Extension to use it. 

You can see your Memory Extension by going to this path, you have 1gb / 2gb / 3gb anyone. Simply turn on this and it will ask for reboot, so reboot the device to enable Memory Extension, and for off also do same steps. Reboot is required to turn on and off for Memory Extension. 

By turning off Memory Extension, your device will eat 1gb / 2gb / 3gb storage. So turn on Memory Extension according to your storage...


I am going to show you the first look of new Memory Extension and its changes. MIUI has introduced new Memory Extension in Android 13 Upgrade with MIIUI 13.2, that's why Xiaomi didn't show new Memory Extension in MIUI 14 launch. 

You can see that in this pic, you will 4 options: 
(1) Off

(2) 2.0GB

(3) 3.0GB

(4) 5.0GB

It means, you are going to get multiple options of enabling Memory Extension. I am going to show you one more pic, that's from Xiaomi 12 Pro 12GB Variant. 

This is from 12GB RAM variant, and in this you will get till 7.0GB which is amazing. All devices will receive this new Memory Extension in MIUI 13.2 Android 13. 


Old vs New Memory Extension, new one is better because it has more options than old. MIUI 13.2 Memory Extension is latest and its better than MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Tell us in comments that which one you like.....

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