Redmi 12C launched in China with great specifications!

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Redmi launched its C Series every year with a lot of improvements and upgradation. Redmi launched Redmi 9C & 10C before, these were also the best models. Redmi started C Series from Redmi 9 Series, before there were no C Series. Now, Xiaomi launched Redmi 12C with more changes in specifications. In this article, I am going to show you all specifications and software version of Redmi 12C. 

Redmi 12C will be more better as comparison to Redmi 9C & Redmi 10C. Now lets see the specifications of Redmi 12C, this model will be far better than Redmi 9C & 10C, so lets the specifications and software versions. 


Today Xiaomi launched Redmi 12C with great specifications and latest software. There was no info that today Xiaomi was going to launch Redmi 12C, but they have launched new model at the last day of year 2022. This device launched secretly in China, now lets see this model comes with which specifications. 


Xiaomi has given better specifications in Redmi 12C as comparison to other C Series. There is a good processor, good camera and many more. Detailed Specifications are given below: 

1) Helio G85 Octa Core Processor
2) 6.71 Inches Screen (HD Big Screen)
3) 50MP Dual Camera (HDR Mode, 2 Night Mode)
4) 5MP Rear Camera
5) 5000mAh Battery
6) Colors: Shadow Black, Mint Green & Dark Blue
7) Available in 3 Variants (4GB + 64GB, 4GB + 128GB & 6GB + 128GB)

These are the detailed specifications of Redmi 12C, Processor to battery all are good this time in C Series. Redmi 12C will be the real successor of Previous C Series. There is dual camera also with 5MP Front Camera support. Now, lets know the pricing of Redmi 12C. 


Redmi 12C is available in 2 variants: 4GB + 64GB, 4GB + 128GB & 6GB + 128GB. 4GB comes with 2 storage and 6GB comes with only 128GB storage. Pricing is really honest of Redmi 12C. 

4GB + 64GB = Rs 8384
4GB + 128GB = Rs 9583
6GB + 128GB = Rs 10782

These are the pricing of Redmi 12C of these variants. Comment now and tell us do you like its pricing?


Redmi 12C is a mid range device which was launched with Helio G85 processor and more. Redmi 12C launched with MIUI 13 Android 12 which is a good news, it is a first C model which is launched with MIUI 13 and Android 12. Redmi 9C launched with MIUI 12 Android 10 & Redmi 10C launched with MIUI 13 Android 11 and now Redmi 12C launched with MIUI 13 Android 12 which is a latest upgrade. 

In upcoming days, it will receive new upgrade too which will be MIUI 14 Android 13. It may receive only 1 Android Upgrade and 2 MIUI Upgrade. In short, it will get MIUI 15 Android 13 last, then this will become EOS. But it depends on future, that how many updates it can receive. So, for now MIUI 15 Android 13 will be minimum and in future it can change also. 

So these are the all info of Redmi 12C which was launched recently with these specifications. 

If you have any doubts so go and ask in comment section. 

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