Redmi 9T / 9 Power MIUI 13 Released for India, EEA & Russia Region!

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Redmi 9T had received MIUI 13 update in Global Region in MIUI and it is already fully released. Now more regions started receiving MIUI 13 stable updates in India, EEA & Russia region. MIUI is rolling out to many regions which is a good news. In this article, I am going to show you full info of new update of Redmi 9T / 9 Power. 

MIUI started rolling out in India, EEA & Russia with latest security patches and new features, now let's see the features and changes of new MIUI 13 updates. 


Redmi 9T is receiving MIUI 13 stable updates in 3 regions with latest security patch and new features. MIUI, MIUI & MIUI are rolling out to Mi Pilot Testers. These all updates are in stable build but for now, they are rolling out to Mi Pilot Testers. Within a week, these will rollout to Public users also. 

Update size is 3GB from MIUI 12.5, update size is too large because it is a major MIUI Upgrade as well as major Android Upgrade, so that's why size is 3GB. In all regions, update size will be same. In EEA Update is released to Public users also, for India & Russia, these are in Mi Pilot for now. Now let's see, what are the changelog of the MIUI**XM Update. 


System: Stable MIUI Based on Android 12. Updated Android Security Patch to December 2022. Increased system security. 

MIUI 13 update is based on Android 12 for all regions for Redmi 9T / 9 Power device, and in all regions December Patch arrived which is really a good news for Redmi 9T / 9 Power. There are more changes, like new control center, new widgets and many more. New widgets only for India users because India has new app vault officially. Now let's check when these will rollout to Public users.


MIUI is started rolling out to Public Users already, and in Russia & India regions: MIUI is rolling out to Mi Pilot Testers. So, kindly wait for a week, within a week these updates will also rollout to Public users. Download Links are also released, simply check below, I have uploaded Download Links too.

📥Recovery ROM Russia Region [Mi Pilot Release]
📥Recovery ROM EEA Region [Public Release]
📥Recovery ROM India Region [Mi Pilot Release]

You can flash MIUI 13 EEA by choose update package, if you are using EEA ROM, and for India & Russia, wait for Public release, then you can flash manually by choose update package. 

If you have any doubts, so go and ask in comment section.

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