Redmi Note 10S MIIUI 13 ( New Update for India Region!

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Redmi Note 10S is the first device which has received December Security Patch in India which is really a good news. Redmi Note 10S has received many MIUI 13 updates in each region and all getting latest security patch updates too which is really incredible. So now it has received December Patch in India only for now. 

MIUI India Update started rolling out for Redmi Note 10S with latest security patch and bug fixes. In this article, I am going to give you full news of new update. 


Redmi Note 10S started receiving new update with latest patch. Update starts rolling out for Mi Pilot Testers in 124mb update size. Size is small but there are big fixes and some optimizations which is so good for us. 

In this pic, you can see update size is 124mb only. It is rolling out from MIUI update which is awesome, for now only rolling out for Mi Pilot Testers only and if there will be no bugs founded so this update will rollout for Public users too which is awesome. 


System: Updated Android Security Patch to December 2022. Increased system security.

This update comes with December 2022 Security Patch. It is the first device which has received December 2022 Security Patch and it is a good news, Redmi Note 10S be the first device. Update fixes the many bugs and issues and increased smoothness too. After updated, if you will face bugs so kindly try factory reset once. 


Update started rolling out for Public users with bug fixes and within a week it will start rolling out to Public users. You have to wait simple 1 week then same update will release for public users. Then you can update it manually also which is awesome. I already updated this update and there are no more major issues for now. 


You can download update easily, check out the updater, if you are Mi Pilot then you will get the update. If you are Mi Pilot Tester then simply wait 1 week then you will get the same update which is good. If you are updated so comment now.. If you are waiting so wait maximum 1 week.

If you have any issues, so go and ask in comments. Our team will answer you quickly. 

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