App Vault is available in Global ROM now in MIUI 14!

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MIUI has different regional ROM's and there are some differences between them. Some ROM has Mi Dialer and some has Google Dialer, some has App vault & some has only Google Discover. But MIUI 14 has a lot of changes in Global ROM, like we have got a new app vault in Global ROM too. 

MIUI 14 Global ROM has now App Vault as default in the software and it is really a good news for us. Mostly users like Global ROM because updates come faster in Global ROM as comparison to India ROM, but previous Global ROM has no App Vault in the system but now it is available in MIUI 14 and due to app vault, users received new widgets too which is good news. 


MIUI 14 Global App Vault and MIUI 14 India App Vault is same, there is not a single change between them which is good news. Now you can update App Vault from Play Store in Global ROM also and they can use latest version now of App Vault in Global ROM also. 

These are some samples of new widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM, but there are more widgets, you can explore after downloading MIUI 14 Global in your Xiaomi Device. Now MIUI has started improving their software in terms of optimizations and now we have Mi Messaging again in India region and I hope, it will come in Global ROM also. 

Now Global ROM users can explore the new widgets with new app vault. But if you are a Poco user, so you have to wait for Poco Launcher update to support new widgets!

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  1. it is not possible to use the witgets in the global rom. You can only run the vault application individually and see the witgets that you can't use on the main launcher screen because the global rom framework doesn't allow it.


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