MIUI 14 New Discover Widgets on App Vault & Home Screen!

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Xiaomi had given us new App Vault in MIUI 13 with new widgets support and they are doing so many changes in the app vault in app vault updates in China ROM which is so good news. MIUI 13 has so many widgets and there are 2 tabs also in App Vault: Recommended & Categories, these tabs were introduced in MIUI 13 upcoming updates which is good news. Now MIUI 14 has done some more changes in the app vault and their widgets. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about Discover Widgets of MIUI 14. There are so many widgets in MIUI 14 which looks so cool and amazing. So now lets check out the Discover Widgets. 


MIUI 14 has introduced Discover Widgets in different section. MIUI 13 App Vault has 2 sections: Recommended and Categories, now MIUI 14 introduced one more tab called 'Discover', in this tab you will get new widgets which looks so cool. Discover Widgets depend on themes app, China themes app did so many changes in the App Vault and the system, like they have introduced Super Icons, Discover Widgets and more.. 

There are some samples of Discover Widgets, and these widgets are paid widgets, you cannot use them in free. But good news, in future some method will come to use them in free, like Paid Super Icons. These Discover widgets are so good and gives a better look in Home Screen and in App Vault. 

MIUI 14 Discover Widgets are connected with Themes App, like Super Icons are connected with Themes App. In Global Changelog, we have seen Super Icons so we have got Super Icons in Themes App, so maybe Discover Widgets will also come in Global ROM. MIUI 14 Discover Widgets are so amazing but paid, and they will be paid in Global & India ROM also.

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