Excepted Features of MIUI 14 India Updates!

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MIUI 14 Updates have arrived in China, Global & Europe Regions with Android 13 upgrade in many Xiaomi Devices which is so cool. Now all users are waiting for MIUI 14 in India region, no device has received the MIUI 14 update in India till now, but 2 devices are going to receive very soon. MIUI 14 includes those features which were not available in Global Region but now in Global region also, they are coming which is good news. 

MIUI 14 India Updates will include so many changes, in this article, I am going to show you all MIUI 14 changes for India. 


MIUI 14 Updates are coming in India very soon: 2 Xiaomi Devices are going to receive MIUI 14 India Updates with Android 13, Devices are Xiaomi 12 Pro & Poco F4. MIUI & MIUI stable updates are coming very soon. So lets see the excepted features of MIUI 14 India. 

1) App Vault: We can see some changes in App Vault in MIUI 14 in India. Some changes we have seen in China and some changes may come in India ROM also. Recommended and Categories may come in India ROM in upcoming MIUI 14 India Updates. 

2) Large Folders: MIUI introduced large folders in MIUI 14 upgrade and we will receive it in India ROM also which is so cool. This change will come in India sure because it is available in Global & EEA ROM. 

3) Super Icons: For Global and India, Super Icons are locked for now because MIUI 14 has not launched in Global region. After launch of MIUI 14 in Global, we will receive MIUI 14 Super Icons in Global and India ROM.

4) New Memory Extension: India Devices will receive Android 13 with MIUI 14, and Xiaomi did some changes in Memory Extension also in Android 13 upgrade. Before we had only 1 option (1GB, 2GB, 3GB) of memory extension, but in Android 13 we will have 3 options according to our variant. From 2GB to 7GB, we can extend our RAM which is so cool. 

5) Updated Floating Window: In MIUI 13, we can open only 1 app inn floating window, but now we can open 2 apps in floating window which is awesome. It is also a big change in MIUI 14 Upgrade and this will come in India ROM also. 

These features are confirmed for India ROM, but more changes will come in MIUI 14 India. So for now just wait for MIUI 14 India Updates which will come very soon. After arrival of MIUI 14 India, I will post a full article related to its features and changes.

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