Xiaomi EU MIUI 14 ROM Review based on Android 13!

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Xiaomi started releasing MIUI 14 Stable Updates in China, Global & EEA region which is so good news and MIUI 14 stable updates will come very soon for India region also. We have seen full review and features of MIUI 14 China & Global, there are lot of new features and changes. Now I am going to tell you about Xiaomi EU ROM, Xiaomi devices have Xiaomi EU ROM which is based on China ROM which devices support China ROM and Xiaomi EU ROM based on Global ROM which devices have no Official China ROM. 

MIUI 14 has a lot of features & Xiaomi EU MIUI 14 is also based on Android 13 upgrade and I am going to do a review of Xiaomi EU China based. So lets check the changes, in this article you are going to receive all the information of this ROM. 


Due to China holidays, there is no update on China Beta so no updates on Xiaomi EU also till January End. MIUI is the last Beta Update in January, new updates will come again from February. MIUI update on Xiaomi EU is the update which is based on China Beta but it comes with Google Apps also and comes with more optimizations and extra features also. MIUI 14 update is pretty better than MIUI 13 in Xiaomi EU. Most of the users like Xiaomi EU because it has 2 benefits: 

(a) Comes with more optimization and smoothness
(b) Pre - Installed Google Apps

Due to these, Xiaomi EU ROM is famous than China Beta, but there are some disadvantages also, like we can't install some applications due to restrictions. But there is no restrictions on China Beta because there is no Google in China ROM's. 


Xiaomi EU ROM has also same features like China ROM, in addition: Google Apps. Super Icons, Large Folders and many features are available in Xiaomi EU ROM also. If you can flash Xiaomi EU ROM, so you can flash it via custom recovery easily in your Xiaomi Device. 

(1) Super Icons & Large Folders:

Super Icons & Large Folders are available in Xiaomi EU ROM also and you guys can use it very easily without any issue in your device. There is no requirement of root because it is present as default but if you want paid super icons in free so you have to root your device first then enable them. 

(2) New App Vault + New Widgets:

In MIUI 14 Xiaomi EU ROM, you will get new widgets also but now some of the widgets are paid and they are limited to China region so you will get them in Xiaomi EU ROM also. Widgets are the most likely feature in MIUI 14 also because you will receive pets widgets and some more widgets which is so awesome. 

There is no tab in App Vault and it comes with MIUI 14, you will get new tab called 'Discover', in this tab you will get all new widgets but they are paid widgets. And I think, you can't buy them except in China. 

(3) Monet:

Xiaomi EU has extra feature which has introduced in Global with MIUI 13.2 Android 13 called Monet. Many users don't know about this, so Monet is a feature of Android 12, it changes color of Google Apps. This is a most likely feature for Android fans and now MIUI has also introduced it which is so cool. This feature is not available in China ROM because China has no Google. 

There are so many features and changes in MIUI 14 Xiaomi EU ROM, if you want to try so go and flash Xiaomi EU ROM for your Xiaomi Device. 

Note: Official Xiaomi EU ROM is available only for Snapdragon Devices.

Xiaomi EU ROM is beneficial as comparison to China Beta because you can use many useful applications in this ROM and Xiaomi EU ROM is safe in safety but China Beta is not safe, so if your data is important so use Xiaomi EU ROM.

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section.

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