Xiaomi EU: Welcome of Hybrid ROM and its Advantages & Disadvantages!

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Xiaomi EU release updates when Xiaomi release official updates, Xiaomi EU is a custom MIUI ROM and it is very famous ROM and available for all Snapdragon Devices. Official Xiaomi EU is available for all Snapdragon Devices. It comes with a lot of optimizations and changes which is good news. we can flash Xiaomi EU ROM from custom recovery, and for it we need to unlock bootloader of a device. Without unlock bootloader, you can't flash Xiaomi EU ROM in your Xiaomi Device. Now Xiaomi EU has stopped Recovery & Fastboot ROM. 

Xiaomi EU has introduced Hybrid ROM which is a mixture of Recovery & Fastboot ROM. Now we will have one ROM called Hybrid ROM. In this article I am going to tell you about Hybrid ROM. 


Xiaomi EU decides to give Hybrid ROM which is a mixture of Recovery ROM & Fastboot ROM. This is a good decision from Xiaomi EU team and most of the members like this. 

BREAKING: Xiaomi EU ends Fastboot and Recovery ROMs formats. Source of this news is given, you can check out by own. 

Recovery ROMs can be easily flashed by custom recovery like Orange Fox / TWRP or mobile. Its file extension is .zip and can also be installed through local updates

Fastboot ROMs can be flashed by only a PC. Suppose the phone is completely dead, and you are unable to open recovery mode in the phone then we use Fastboot ROM for flash recovery and its extension is .tgz

Recovery and Fastboot ROMs were only offered by Xiaomi for its Mi, Poco and Redmi devices. So that's why Xiaomi EU announced its new format called Hybrid ROM. 

Xiaomi on its EU forum has announced that they have introduced a new format called as Hybrid ROMs as those ROMs are both Recovery ROMs and Fastboot ROMs, all in the same package.

Xiaomi didn't tell how does it technically works keeping it as a "secret", but it's a custom-made solution, at least on the recovery side of things, because AOSP never included such an option.

So, All ROMs from now on will be Hybrid ROMs with NO new suffix being added to the ZIP file name, just like typical Recovery ROMs, because those are valid Recovery ROMs for OTA purposes, that just happen to also have what's necessary to flash them with Fastboot.

Flashing with recovery has the advantage due to substantial boost in flashing speed with this method (around 30 seconds on a flagship).

Xiaomi EU has not revealed its format for now, but in upcoming days, its format will come soon so for now just wait for this. 


Xiaomi EU released Hybrid ROM for 2 Xiaomi Devices but for now no links are available, whenever link will come then I will post it in Telegram Channel. For 2 devices, Hybrid ROM is released: Redmi Note 11 / 11 NFC & Mi 11 Lite 5G. 

Hybrid ROM will be available for both Android 12 and Android 13 which is a good news. MIUI & MIUI for these Xiaomi EU ROM Hybrid ROM is available and you can flash them easily in your device. For more devices, Hybrid ROM will be available soon which is good news. 


Hybrid ROM is a mixture of Recovery ROM & Fastboot ROM and you can flash it via both Recovery method and Fastboot method. Hybrid ROM can be flashed via Custom Recovery & Fastboot (Mi Flash Tool) and it is a good news. It can be flashed via both method so it is the biggest advantage of Hybrid ROM. Simply flash Hybrid ROM like a Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM. Steps for flashing this ROM is same which is good news for us. 


Hybrid ROM will be a mixture of Recovery & Fastboot ROM so it can be released late. Fastboot ROM comes after Full Released of update, without full released, Fastboot ROM can't come so it can be a disadvantage of Hybrid ROM.

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