Xiaomi is offering 100GB of Google one for 3 Months for Free of Cost!

Xiaomi is offering 100GB of Google one for 3 months for free of cost (Only for Xiaomi users

(Soon Xiaomi is going to stop Gallery cloud services so they gave this offer)

Click on below link and sign in with your Xiaomi acct and accept the terms and conditions and it will redirect you to Playstore purchase website just add you card details Done

Beware after subscription ends your storage will be full and you can't backup what's app chats and can't receive mails
So use secondary google account if you have 👍🏻

Some people having doubts like what about after the subscription ends. Does our data will be deleted? Let me give a clarity to you guys 

Here's an example:-

Like if you backup on AOSP when it is unlimited and your storage is currently example for 5% occupied, then even after backup all photos, it will remain 5%

Google backup unlimited photos backup doesn't count to your Drive Storage.

When you go back to MIUI, those photos will remain there on cloud, but storage will also remain 5% unless you've added something on drive.com but if u then backup photos on Google photos app when on MIUI, it will increase storage from 5% to whatever

But here in this case when you guys fill 60GB out of 100GB after the subscription it will show storage full so you can't backup any more pictures or videos and other backup service but they don't delete already stored data 

Here are the screenshots 

After doing all the steps properly, 100GB will be credited to your account easily, there will be no risk in that and before completing 3 months you can cancel your subscription then payment will not happen..

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section.

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