Install MIUI 14 Changes in any Xiaomi Device now!

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MIUI users are so happy with MIUI 14, there are no complaints till now of MIUI 14 Global as well as in India region. All users are eagerly waiting for MIUI 14 upgrade to their Xiaomi Devices, so now I am going to tell you that how can you install some MIUI 14 changes in your Xiaomi Device without root. MIUI 14 has so many new changes which is a good news for us and I am going to show you that how can you install some changes in MIUI 13 now. 

MIUI 14 some changes are available in MIUI 13 now in any Xiaomi Devices. In this article, I am going to show you how can we install these changes in our Xiaomi Devices now. So let's check out the full news related to this now. 


MIUI 14 new changes are available now in our Xiaomi Devices which is so good. MIUI 14 changes are now available in MIUI 13 also, now I am going to show you their first look and how can we install these features in our Xiaomi Devices now. Settings new layout is the famous change in MIUI 14 for all users, MIUI settings look is completely changed which is so great. 

We will get new icons which looks so cool in settings app, these are the new icons of MIUI 14 which is available in both China & Global ROM.

Then, in about phone section, we have got MIUI 14 official logo also which is a good news, MIUI 14 logo is far better than MIUI 13 logo. All Specs is renamed to Detailed Info and specs. This is also available in both China & Global ROM. 

Special Features option is vanished from MIUI 14 Settings. Now question is: how to access special features again in our Xiaomi Devices. This option is shifted in additional settings, this option is not as a option now, you can see in this pic, how it looks now. 

Hopefully, you all understood that special features is not removed, it was just shifted from Settings to Additional Settings. So, these are the changes which we can install in MIUI 13 now without any root. 

Download Link of the file is posted here, simply go and download it now, and simply install MIUI 14 Settings apk in your Xiaomi Device. So comment now and tell us that you like this change or not. 

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section.

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