MIUI 14 is going to launch in India!

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MIUI India Team is going to launch MIUI 14 in India separately this time, means it will launch on different date and MIUI 14 global launch will be on different date. What do you understand by this? Let me explain... As we know MIUI 14 Global and MIUI 14 India has so many changes, but if we will see past, so MIUI India team was not launching MIUI Upgrade in India. If it was not launched in Global so it would be in India also. There was no separate launch, but this time MIUI India team is going to do different. 


MIUI 14 in India will launch very soon, as we know Global Launch will be on 26th February and all were thinking that India Launch will be also on 26th February with Xiaomi 13 Pro but MIUI India Team has announced a new date for MIUI 14 India Launch. 

As it is a official twitter account of MIUI India and they have posted that MIUI 14 will be launched by Xiaomi on 27th February 2023 and it will be a separate launch from Global and it is a good news for us. What do you think about MIUI 14? 

So be ready for MIUI 14 India launch, it will be Lighter, Smoother and faster for India. Just few days more for MIUI 14 India Launch, this time MIUI 14 will be totally different for India. So, keep stay tuned for all info in our website, I will post all articles related to MIUI 14..

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