No More Google Apps as Default Apps in India!

Google Apps is one of the famous apps which run on all smartphones in all over the world. There are many apps which are default like Youtube, Google Play Movies, Gmail and many apps, some of the apps are useless for some users but still they are in their devices. They can't even delete them, they can remove them by ADB, but most of the users have fear to brick and some of them don't know how to use ADB to uninstall default apps, because by removing some apps using ADB, device can be bricked. 

In this article, I am going to show you which apps are going to be removed as a system app officially. So, lets start and check out the official news related to this now. 


When a new device is launched then we get a many google apps which is default in the system, we can't delete them because all apps are a part of system. But now Google is going to change the whole system. Now, google has decided to not giving google apps as a system app, now very less google apps will be default in the system and it is such a good news. Because some apps are useless, we don't never use them but they are present in the system and due to this, battery drain issues and other issues come, and many users got tensed due to this. Now, Google is going to remove all of them so now lets see which apps are going to be default and which not. 

These are the official apps which are no more default for India! 

1) Google
2) Drive
3) Chrome
4) Map
5) Meet
6) Gmail
7) Google Photos
8) Google Play Movies
9) Youtube Music
10) Youtube

These apps will no more default in the UI, which is so good. All users will be happy after listening this news. Now, software will become more smooth and companies have right now to give their original apps in the software and it is also a good news for us. If you are excited for this so go and comment now.. 

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