Redmi 10 MIUI 13 New Update Released for EEA Region!

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Redmi 10 users started receiving MIUI 13 new update with updated security patch which is a good news. Last MIUI 13 version was MIUI and now new version started rolling out for Public users for Redmi 10 (Selene) and it is a good news for the users who is using Redmi 10 device. This update has many improvements and bug fixes also, and now it started rolling out only for EEA users, other regions will receive it soon and it can be last MIUI 13 version for EEA, because MIUI 14 testing has started already. 

Redmi 10 started receiving MIUI stable update which is a good news for us. In this article, I am going to show you full news of the new update which is released to Redmi 10 (SELENE).


Redmi 10 had received MIUI before with January 2023 Security patch and now new version started rolling out within 1 month which is very fast for this model. 

Redmi 10 / 2022 Security patch is of January 2023 Security Patch which comes with MIUI update and it is a stable update which is released to Public users. You can update it via choose update package now, Recovery ROM & OTA ROM is available now, as update size is just 30MB from previous version which is very small update size. If you want to install this update so you can update it manually if you have not received it. Or you can wait for again rolling out then you will get it in your updater!

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