Poco F5 Series are going to launch very soon!

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Xiaomi is ready to launch Poco new models in Global and India region which is a good news for us. Poco F5 Series is ready to be launched and their certifications also done, so launch is very near. Poco F5 Series will be new flagship series for India and Global region

Poco F5 & Poco F5 Pro will be the 2 new flagship devices which are going to launch now, so lets see their full details now. 

Poco F5 Series going to launch very soon, so now lets see the full details now of this model. So, lets start now.


Poco F5 & Poco F5 Pro received a new certification which shows they are going to launch very soon. Now, lets see their model numbers and other details. 

Poco F5 & Poco F5 Pro will launch in Global regions which is a good news but in India region only Poco F5 will be announced. Their model numbers are "23049PCD8G" & "23013PC75G" and these models are confirmed to launch in Global regions and one of them will be released to India also which is Poco F5. 

So, here finally new flagship models are going to be announced soon for India & Global regions, so if you have any question related to them so ask in comment section. 

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section

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