Magisk 26.0 Released with support of Android 14 (U)!


Here we go, we know that Magisk 25.0 released with some minor fixes and then Magisk 25.1 also got released, now new version of Magisk is released with a lot of new changes. 

Magisk is an open source project which made by John WU and now he released new version of Magisk with a lot of improvements and new changes which is a good news for rooted users. Magisk 26.0 released with so many new changes and with new supports.

In this article, I am going to show you full changelog of Magisk 26.0 and its installation, so lets check their full info now. 

| MAGISK 26.0

Magisk 26.0 is released officially with new changes which is a good news for the rooted users. And there are new changes in Magisk 26.0 and a lot of improvements. 

So, here you can flash Magisk 26.0 via Magisk if you are already rooted, otherwise flash Magisk 26.0 zip file in custom recovery to root to Magisk 26.0. Otherwise flash Magisk 26.0 via Magisk app directly. 

Download Link of the file is given below, so go, download and flash. Apk file is given, simple rename it to zip to flash in Custom Recovery or Magisk app.

Changelog of Magisk 26.0 👇👇

➡️ Bump minimum supported Android version to Android 6.0
➡️ New magic mount backend. It supports loading modules into system with overlayfs files injected

➡️ Release new API version 4
➡️ Prevent crashing daemon in error
➡️ Rewrite zygote code injection with new loader library approach
➡️ Rewrite code unloading implementation

➡️ Support amonet microloader devices
➡️ Always use lz4_legacy compression on v4 boot images. This fixes boot image patching issues on Android U preview.

➡️ Support replacing existing *.rc files in overlay.d
➡️ Rewrite sepolicy.rules mounting and loading implementation

➡️ Make stub patching 100% offline
➡️ Support patching init_boot.img for Samsung ODIN firmware

➡️ Fix minor bug in command line argument parsing
➡️ Update rules to support Android U

So, these are official changelog of Magisk 26.0 and now it supports Android 14 (U) also which is a good news for the users. 

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section

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