MIUI 14 Photon Engine for Global & India ROM!


Xiaomi had given Photon Engine in China ROM from MIUI 14 first upgrade but other regions have not received it. Many users were thinking that it would not come outside China region because MIUI provides more features in China ROM. 

But here MIUI Global started receiving Photon Engine in some models. Here 2 models have received it, I am going to tell you about this in this article. 

In this article, I am going to show you full details of Photon Engine which is coming in Global / India ROM. So, lets start and check out the all news now. 


MIUI 14 Stable updates started rolling out for mostly Xiaomi Devices. Redmi Note 9 Series to Redmi Note 12 Series and Mi 10 to Mi 12 Series have received MIUI 14 stable updates on Android 12 as well as on Android 13. 

MIUI Photon Engine is applicable to Android 13, Android 12 users will not receive Photon Engine. Two Xiaomi devices have received MIUI Photon Engine and its almost confirmed. 

So, here two Xiaomi Devices named Redmi Note 10 Pro & Mi 11 Lite 4G have received their second MIUI 14 update in 1.8GB & 1.9GB which is very big size. 

MIUI was the first build for Redmi Note 10 Pro and it got second MIUI 14 update in 1.9GB. As well as Mi 11 Lite first MIUI 14 version was MIUI Indonesia build and now it got MIUI stable build in 1.8GB. 

Simple Security patch + bug fixes updates never come in big sizes so it is sure that something different in these updates and it is MIUI Photon Engine. So, for now only these 2 devices got MIUI Photon Engine, now lets see which devices will equip it. 


The MIUI 14 update features the photon engine, which comprises three key elements: intelligent scene recognition, resource dynamic scheduling, and resource computing engine. 

This trio of structures work in tandem to enhance the smoothness of third-party applications while also reducing power consumption.

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