Redmi Note 9S / 9 Pro / 9 Pro Max MIUI 14 Stable Updates Coming Soon!

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Xiaomi has rolled out MIUI 14 updates on Android 12 to Redmi Note 9S & Redmi Note 9 Pro in Global region. Now, users waiting for MIUI 14 to other regions, as for global region, MIUI 14 stable update is released fully.

MIUI 14 stable updates coming now in more regions to Redmi Note 9S / 9 Pro India, Redmi Note 9 Pro Global & Redmi Note 9 Pro Max devices. These devices are almost same, even if they mixed up so they are Miatoll. 

In this article, I am going to share info of MIUI 14 updates which is coming to Redmi Note 9 Series now. So, lets start and check out the news now. 


Redmi Note 9 Series MIUI 14 stable updates started releasing, but still some regions are left to receive MIUI 14 stable updates. Now, MIUI 14 is ready for all regions, so check out them now. 

Credit: XIAOMIUI for these pics

As, you can see, MIUI 14 stable updates are ready for Redmi Note 9 Series, so now check which version is for which device.

1) Redmi Note 9 Pro (CURTANA): MIUI

2) Redmi Note 9 Pro Max: MIUI

3) Redmi Note 9S: 
        (a) MIUI
        (b) MIUI
        (c) MIUI

4) Redmi Note 9 Pro (JOYEUSE): 
        (a) MIUI
        (b) MIUI
        (c) MIUI

5) Redmi Note 10 Lite: MIUI

So, these versions are ready and coming very soon for Redmi Note 9 Series, if you are excited for MIUI 14 for these devices so comment now!!

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