The First Beta of Android 14 has been released, featuring several new changes!

Google has released first beta of Android 14!

Google has optimized and improved Android 14, addressing over 200 bugs from Android 12 in Android 13. As a result, Android 13 is now fully optimized, eliminating the need for another rollout of Android 12.

The first beta of Android 14 has been released, featuring minor changes. Android 13 was named "Tiramisu," but the new name for Android 14 is "Upside Down Cake." What are your thoughts on the new name? Feel free to share in the comments!

Let's take a look at the changes and bugs present in the first beta of Android 14. Check out the complete details of the Android 14 first beta now.


Android 14 First Beta is released officially with its logo and some changes. Android 14 Beta 1 is stable and it gives us new changes also. 

The name of Android 14 is "Upside Down Cake," and its logo looks impressive. Google has a knack for creating unique logos that reflect the quality of their operating system.

Source: XDA

The first beta of Android 14 introduces a new feature called "Transparent Navigation Bar" in the Developer Options. This allows users to use gestures in a more visually appealing way, as compared to Android 13's black navigation bar. With Android 14, the navigation bar has a fresh new look.

Currently, this is the only change in the first beta of Android 14. If there are any further updates or changes, I will make sure to update this article. Stay tuned for more information.


Like any beta update, the first beta of Android 14 has some bugs. Although only one bug has been identified so far, it's important to keep in mind that beta updates are not stable. Let's take a look at the identified bug.

Source: Google News

Wallpaper and Style is crashing in Android 14 Beta 1. Here we come with a solution, check and apply it if you are using Android 14 Beta 1.

➡️ Open Settings / Apps / Show all XX apps.
➡️ Find Pixel Launcher in the list.
➡️ On the "App info" page, click on "Storage & cache"
➡️ Click "Clear storage."
➡️ Don't enable themed icons any more. (Otherwise you'll have to do it all over again)

❗️This will reset your home screen. 

So, these are all about Android 14 Beta 1, if you have any other issues with Android 14 Beta 1, so comment now!!

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