WhatsApp: New Feature that enables you to retain Disappearing Messages!

Whatsapp is doing so many new changes everyday, it is doing competition with Telegram, they copied mostly features of it. Disappearing Messages was introduced already but now they did some changes in this, so lets check out the changes.


Changes in Disappearing Messages:-

1. A novel attribute titled "Keep in Chat" has been introduced by WhatsApp.

2. The Keep in Chat feature is a variation of the Disappearing Messages function that was initially launched in 2020.

3. With Keep in Chat, users can retain certain vanishing messages for future utilization.

4. If a user opts to preserve a message using Keep in Chat, the sender is informed and can reject it.

5. After the sender disapproves of a message, nobody can retain it, and it will be erased when the timer runs out.

6. The purpose of this feature is to enhance the functionality of disappearing messages without contradicting its essence.

7. As conventional messages can be transmitted instead, it is possible that this feature may not be widely utilized.

8. Retained messages will be labeled with a bookmark symbol and sorted by conversation in the Kept Messages directory.

9. In the following weeks, the Keep in Chat feature will be accessible to all users across the globe.

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