Xiaomi, Vivo & Oppo closing support for 32 Bit Apps!

Previously Xiaomi and other companies devices like Oppo & Vivo supports 32 bit applications which support many devices. But now they made a decision related to 32 bit apps. Xiaomi, Vivo & Oppo has decided to give no more support of 32 bit applications. 

In this article, I am going to show you full news related to this info, that what will happen after this and is this good for us. So, lets start and check out the details..


These 3 companies have decided not to provide 32 bit apps and this is a good decision by them because now most of the applications support 64 bit, so there is no danger in stopping providing 32 bit apps. h

There is no disadvantage in closing 32 bit apps, so what do you think about it?? Comment now. 

Apple had already closed 32 bit apps and now Android is going to do same in Xiaomi, Oppo & Vivo. 

Xiaomi App Stores and Oppo, Vivo app stores will gradually clear out applications that support only 32-bit from July 1, 2023(Beijing Time), in line with the 64-bit app compatibility requirements for Android devices.

This move enhances Android app compatibility and avoids future installation issues on devices that only support 64-bit!

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