14 More Apps are banned by India Government!

India Government always ban some apps, previous they have banned many apps like PUBG, Mi Community, Mi Browser and many apps. This time they have banned 14 Messaging Apps from India. Statement: Leveraged by Pakistan Linked Terrorist. 

Total 14 apps are banned now, so check their official list now. All Banned apps are Messaging and some other stuffs. 


India Government has banned 14 more applications from India, some applications are useful for mostly users, so check their official list now. 

➤ Crypviser

➤ Enigma

➤ Safeswiss

➤ Wickrme

➤ Mediafire

➤ Briar

➤ BChat

➤ Nandbox

➤ Conion


➤ Element

➤ Second Line

➤ Zangi

➤ Threema and many more!!

These applications are banned by India Government, any application are you using?? Comment now!! 

From these, Media-Fire also got banned which is a famous for downloading apks. But sadly India Government banned this also. 

If you have any issue related to them, so you can ask in comment section. 

If you have any issues so go and ask in comment section

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