Comparing AnTuTu and Geekbench Scores of Android 13 and Android 14 Beta 1

Xiaomi and other companies started rolling out Android 14 Beta 1 to their premium devices. Xiaomi had released Android 14 Beta 1 in Xiaomi 13 Series, Xiaomi Pad 6 & Xiaomi 12T. In this article, you are going to see the comparison of AnTuTu Scores & Geekbench Scores between Android 13 & Android 14.

So, lets check out the AnTuTu Score & Geekbench Score of Android 13 & Android 14 Beta 1. 


AnTuTu Scores are checked in AnTuTu V10 version for Xiaomi Devices which are running on Android 14 Beta 1. Now I am going to show you differences between scores.

First pic from Android 13 and Second Pic from Android 14 Beta 1, and it clearly shows that AnTuTu Score is decreased in Android 14 Beta 1. AnTuTu Score of MIUI Android 14 Beta 1 is 13.5% lower than Android 13 Stable!


Geekbench scores are also released of Android 14 Beta 1, so lets compare Geekbench scores of Android 13 and Android 14 Beta 1. 

The Geekbench 6 test results remain consistent, with only a minor numerical difference observed between the two test scores.

In the "Glory of the King" 120 frame extreme picture quality test, conducted in a room with a temperature of 30°C and a WiFi network environment, three consecutive games lasting 19 minutes each were played. 

During the first game, there was a gradual decrease in frame rate, eventually stabilizing at 90 frames per second.


When it comes to performance, Xiaomi 13 running Android 14 Beta 1 encounters a drawback in comparison to the stable Android 13 version

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