Google Home gets New Layout and New UI!

Google Home with this version "" comes with New UI & New Layout which is a good news. This comes with Card Layout, so lets see how it looks and how to enable in our devices. This feature is Android based so it is coming in every device. 

In this article, I am going to show you full information related to this, so lets check out the new layout now. 


Google Home has received new update "" version which enables new layout. You need to join Public Preview Program to use this, because it is still in Beta mode, in stable it will come soon.

Now, lets see the first look of Google Home Version. This change is available in Android 12+ version. Now lets examine its look.

The New UI of Google Home looks so cool and fantastic. Updated Home Controls layout is also amazing, this one looks better as compared to previous. Join the Public Preview of this Update from Google Home App Settings. 

For now it is released to those who are in Public Preview, in stable it will come very soon.  

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