Krafton: BGMI 2.5.0 New Update is released officially in India!

BGMI 2.5.0 is released in India via PlayStore officially. Previous it got back in PlayStore in 2.1.0 version and server was closed. Now BGMI official update is released and its version is 2.5.0. So, lets check update size and other details of the update. 

In this article I am going to show you full details of BGMI new update which is arrived via PlayStore, so lets check full details of the update now. 


BGMI was arrived with old update which was available before ban, version was 2.1.0. Now Krafton is rolling out new update via PlayStore. Version is 2.5.0 and it is released to most of the users. 

This update was released by Krafton at 12:00am on 27th May 2023. Most of the users have received the update, if you didn't get so visit this site and open game from there and update it. 

You will get 2.5.0 update and it is easily downloadable to Android users. Now lets check when we can play this game. Because servers are still closed. 

If you are on 2.1.0 version and trying to open game, so you will see this message from Krafton. Game update is released on 27th May but Servers are still closed, so wait for opening for servers. Servers will be opened by Krafton on 29th May 2023. 

After updated to BGMI 2.5.0, you will see this message if you try to open the game. In this message there is no date mentioned, but Krafton officially confirmed that game is coming back on 29th May 2023. 

All new maps are coming in BGMI and it is confirmed by Official BGMI Team, so now 2 days more for BGMI coming back. 

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