MIUI 14.1 based on Android 14 is coming soon for Xiaomi Devices!

Last time, Xiaomi had launched MIUI 13.2 which was based on Android 13 upgrade and now this time they are going to announce one more special version which is MIUI 14.1 and it is based on Android 14 which is a good news for Xiaomi users. 

Now, lets check all details related to MIUI 14.1 Android 14 upgrade. MIUI 14.1 will be a MIUI 14 which will be based on Android 14 upgrade. It will start rolling out very soon. 

➤ MIUI 14.1

MIUI 14.1 will be a MIUI 14 upgrade which is a MIUI 14 on Android 14. First premium devices will receive this and then all other devices will get. Xiaomi 13 Series, Redmi K60 Series & more premium models will get MIUI 14.1 on Android 14 soon. 

Devices which may receive Android 14 early:

1) Xiaomi 13 
2) Xiaomi 13 Pro
3) Redmi K60
4) Redmi K60 Pro
5) Redmi K60 Ultra
6) Xiaomi Pad 6

These 6 devices may receive Android 14 early with MIUI 14.1, so kindly wait sometime, after August month Xiaomi devices will start receiving Android 14 upgrade with MIUI 14.1 which is a good news for the users. 

Redmi K70 Series will launch with MIUI 14.1 Android 14, and it will be a first K Series which will launch with Android 14. Are you excited for Android 14? Comment now!

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