Android 14 Beta Testing started for Xiaomi 13 Series in China region!

The beta testing for Android 14 will start in China, targeting specific users. Interested participants meeting the company's criteria will have the chance to join this testing initiative. 

The program welcomes users enthusiastic about trying and aiding the development of the new MIUI version on Android. However, it's important to note that this iteration might not be fully optimized and could potentially have some glitches.

Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 are open to development version users, and the MIUI version based on Android 14 is online for recruitment. Users who need the above two models are invited to go to the Xiaomi Community Beta Center to register.

Note: Due to the large version upgrade of Android, there may be strong instability, so this recruitment quota is small. If you encounter any problems, please give rational feedback and verify the optimization in subsequent versions. Thank you for your understanding!

So for now just wait sometime, Android 14 will come soon for Xiaomi 13 & Xiaomi 13 Pro in China region.

If you want to know anything about it, so you can ask in comment section.

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