Install Material You Widgets in any Xiaomi Device without root!


Let's dive in! The Xiaomi Theme Developers have introduced a set of widgets featuring Material You design. Moreover, the China Theme Store now includes AOSP widgets in a variety of colors. Within this piece, I will provide you with an initial glimpse and a step-by-step guide for the installation process.

In MIUI 14, new widgets are added with Material You, first lets check the first look and then I will show you installation process.

These widgets bear a resemblance to AOSP designs and have made their way into the China ROM. When you hold on a widget, a new page will appear, as demonstrated in the image above. This enables you to customize the widget colors according to your preference.

System Launcher Backup file is here, download it and save in your device. Use Backup and Restore trick to install this BAK in any Xiaomi Device without root.

If you want to know anything about it, so you can ask in comment section.

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