Samsung has released OneUI 6 based on Android 14 for the entire Samsung Galaxy S23 Series!

Samsung has unveiled OneUI 6 for the Galaxy S23 Series, running on the Android 14 platform. Anticipating this update eagerly, users can now rejoice as Samsung has officially rolled out Android 14 with OneUI 6 for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra models.

Beta Program is live for OneUI 6 for Galaxy S23 Series. Mostly users receiving update by OTA in their devices. For now, only Galaxy S23 Series received OneUI 6 update on Android 14.

Notable alterations encompass the Home Screen, Lock Screen, fresh fonts, and a variety of other updated modifications.

Official changelog is also revealed, lets check changelog first and then will show you first look.

Changelog of OneUI 6 is too big and it shows there are so many improvements in their new OneUI Upgrade. Users are so happy after installing OneUI 6 update to their devices.

OneUI 6 brought forth a revamped Control Center, boasting a significantly enhanced aesthetic compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it comes seamlessly integrated with the Android 14 foundation.

New Photo Editor (By CID)

Object eraser is finally not hidden away
Big icons are welcome. OneUI 6 Photo Editor is also updated with some changes.

Media Player is also updated with OneUI 6 Android 14 upgrade. UI is slightly improved as comparison to OneUI 5.

The Lock Screen has undergone complete customization, granting us the freedom to relocate the clock in any desired orientation, thanks to Android 14. Moreover, the clock's user interface has received noticeable enhancements.

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